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    励志英语小短文:Make Life Happen

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    励志英语小短文:make life happenyou don”t have to wish for things to happen, because you can make things happen.you don”t have to wonder whether something will work or not, because you can gather the resources, make efforts and find out for yourself.there”s no need to live in fear of what life might bring. you can make your life unfold in the way you”d like to see it unfold. there”s no reason to worry about limitations. you can act to work your way through whatever obstacles2 or challenges are present.of all the abilities you have, the most powerful ability is to use your abilities in a meaningful way. not only can you make things happen, but you can also make things happen with purpose and intention.don”t worry or wonder. don”t beg or steal. don”t wish or regret. don”t envy3 or wait. use all that energy to make life happen in the way you know best right now.参考翻译活万事如意你不必去希冀出现什么,因为你可以使。 你不必去怀疑事情是否可行,因为你可以集齐资源、努力发挥,进而使其顺利进行。 没有必要活活所带来的未知的恐惧中。 你可以使活向着你希望的方向发展。 没有理由担心受限制。 不管前路有任何困难或挑战,你可以用行动克服一切。 在你所拥有的一切能力中,最强大的力量是将你的能力物尽其用。 英语短文你不但能付诸行动使事,而且还能同时实现目标和意图。 不要担忧或怀疑。 不要祈求或窃取。 不要希冀或后悔。 不要羡慕或等待。 立刻用这些精活万事如意吧!
    成长故事的作文 少儿故事 青雪故事 英雄故事有哪些

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